bvhacker help: known issues and further work

Here you will find a list of bvhacker's known issues and details of possible new features. If you have an issue that is not listed here, please post in the bvhacker discussion group here

known issues and future enhancements

Known issues

  • bvhacker cannot read bvh files with Mac line endings. A quick, easy workaround is here
  • Retargetting to SL figure may not work properly if any of the arm's joints go over ±90° in any axis. I know how to fix this, but have run out of time on this development cycle - I do this stuff for free remember! See here for a more technical description.
  • The install package doesn't always install the Visual Studio runtime libraries properly. bvhacker displays a message saying 'the application failed to initialise properly'. To fix, unzip the download bvhacker installer and find a folder called vcredist_x86. Inside there is a program called vcredist_x86.exe. Run this file and bvhacker should run fine.
  • bvhacker won't properly display files with more than one ROOT (untested in version 1.7)
  • The figure height value will be inaccurate if the figure's hands are above it's head in the first frame

Possible future enhancements

  • Implement arms axis alignment conversion for angles over ½90°
  • Make hips rotation global for all joint rotation orders
  • Multiple bone selection
  • Bone renaming for formats other than Second Life (suggestions please!)
  • Anything interesting that comes up in the bvhacker discussion group
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